A wiki would be nice ...

since searching thousands of forum posts for the correct answer is not my favorite thing to do. If a question is answered it can be posted and maintained by the community. It’s easy to setup an very common by now. Or is there already something like this?

Please support me to get this to DRs attention!

i think the best bits from the forums tend to be cherry picked by the moderator(s) and turned into knowledge base articles.

Ah, that’s why they still write that dropbear is a “small SSH 2 server and client”.

Knowledge Base tends to have articles like “How should I create a partition for Time Machine?”. There’s nothing wrong with that and having more deep information is perhaps not good for the DAUs using this source the most. But a wiki could contain more profound information about the drobo and the drobo apps.

Searching for “dropbear” or “ssh” in the Knowledge Base shows you:

  1. What are DroboApps? Where can I find them?
  2. PDF - How do I install DroboApps on my Drobo FS?

Wow. I’m impressed. All this knowledge! At once?

And they tell you again that the dropbear package is an SSH server and client. At least I can’t find the client. And if it’s there it’s not documented!

Searching in the forum gives you 3 to 6 pages full with problems, solutions etc.

There is knowledge! But not in the “base” … it’s in the forum and it’s hard to find. So what’s wrong with making it a little bit easier.