A suggestoin for these forums.

Would you try the effect of adding STYLE=“width:100%” to the TEXTAREA where I was typing this post, please?

My browser has 6.8cm of horizontal space into which that TEXTAREA could have expanded, and the styling above will do the job, unless you’re using very obscure DIVs.

As everyone will have realised by now, I’m rather verbose, so would benefit from the larger palette for my opinions (others might say “opinionated” as well).

In my browser (Opera 10.10) I get a disabled vertical scrollbar when scrolling is not necessary. This is causing the textbox to overlap the checkboxes just below it, which is mildly irritating.

Incidentally, adding HTML, complete with the brackets (as I’d done with that above) created mayhem with the preview function!

Have you tried using Google Chrome? It has a really neat feature that may help you, it adds a little resize handle to the bottom right of all textarea elements that you can use to “drag out” their size.

Are you logged into Opera. I’ve heard you will have these problems if you aren’t logged into Opera. Sort of like iGoogle in Chrome.

I personally and thoroughly recommend Google Chrome.