A Source Control that works on Drobo


I am looking for a source control system that i can install on my drobo/droboshare

i was hoping to use Sub Version (SVN), but really any Source Control system will do. i dread to think i have to actully leave a PC on instead.

If anyone can help … please advise

Maybe someone can port Git to a drobo app. This would be great. Git is very fast compared to svn. This should run on droboshare.


Not sure if you realise, but you can just create a filesystem install of SVN (not sure what the proper name for such a install is).

What i have done is install TortoiseSVN, and just right click (on a folder on ur drobo where you want your repository) and click create repository. You can do this also using the command line tools if you like.

Then you can check in/out code just like you normally would. Only issue is you have to be on able to access the drobo filesystem for it to work, so no remote access via apache + SVN module etc…

Gents, I have got a port of Subversion 1.6.3 running on a DroboShare. I would like somebody else to test it before I publish. Any volunteers?


I’m not a coding king so bear with me but would it ever be possible to run the Freenas software system on a Drobo, as the Fuppes server was much more reliable and it offered some pretty kewl apps etc.


Paul, Wouldn’t mind testing your SVN port

I´m verry interested in this - hoping someone from the support team can solve the problem I have…

git works fine on a Drobo.


so we could have glt or svn working on the drobo.

i seem to be delevoping on two machince at the moment (one from bed the other from the desk).

Has anyone got the install for either GLT or SVN, that would be great …

I would prefer svn. Is there anyone who can provide us with an install package.

Please please


I’ll prefer SVN as well …

install package anyone ?

I posted my Subversion App for the FS today, visit this thread for the details: Subversion for Drobo FS is Ready

Please use the new thread for any questions or comments related to my app.

Also, I don’t have a DroboShare but if there is enough interest, I can also build a copy for the DroboShare. Anyone interested, please reply to my other thread simply saying “please create it for DroboShare” and also include if you would be willing to alpha test it and verify it works before I post it publicly.