A Failed Disk and another Healed


Last week, my Drobo notified me that a Hard drive failed and kept disconnecting and rebooting every 5-10 minutes in loop.

I replaced the failed drive but the Drobo keeps rebooting again and again.

I noticed today that one other drive than the new one show a “Healed” status. A Drobo Agent told me that it could be part of the rebooting problem, but I can’t find a way to replace that drive since the Data protection process can’t finish with the newly installed drive.

I tried to do what they told in this article : https://myproducts.drobo.com/article/AA-01649

Without any drive installed, the Drobo show exactly what it should do.

Do you have any clue on what to do in that situation?
I’ve got a Carbon Copy of the data but don’t want to restart from scratch before seeing if there’s other options than a Factory reset.

All my firmware are up to date as well and I’m on Mac El Capitan (10.11)

Thanks in advance!

hi charles,
i can understand your point about how to replace a drive that might possibly be needed, in order to complete a rebuild…

it may be that more than 1 drive is encountering problems in certain areas, (in which case a block cloning process might be needed) but it is good to hear that you have backups in case required as well.

if your drobo is currently empty though, then one idea you could try, could be this (but please check with support first):

  • to try powering it off, and unplugging all cables from it,
  • and then with power all off, and cables unplugged, to put your diskpack drives back into where they were before (but not to put in that “healed” drive…
  • and then to connect up the power and cables, and to power it up.
    (the idea behind this is that it may force the rebuild to take place on other, hopefully good drives, but if you get any messages about having to put drives back in, please stop here.)

this would be an idea but as you are already speaking with the support team please do mention this and check with them first, in case it will conflict with anything else they are thinking about…