A drive was removed

Back in September I got an email from my Drobo S saying a drive had been removed (which it hadn’t), followed by another saying my data was unprotected, another saying a drive was added.

I contacted Support and eventually after about 1 week got a response saying that there were problems with the drive in Bay 4. I rushed out and bought a new drive and replaced the one in Bay 4.

Everything seemed fine.

Today, I got a series of emails from my Drobo S

  1. Critical Drobo Alert: Drobo is Critically Low on Space
  2. Critical Drobo Alert: Drobo cannot currently protect your data against hard drive failures.
  3. Drobo Warning: Data protection is in progress, but you may continue accessing your data. Do not remove any hard drives.
  4. Drobo Notification: Drobo detected a new drive was added.

Obviously I’ve raised a support question, and included the diagnostic log file.

However I have 3 questions/comments:

  1. It seems to be a big failing of the Drobo Dashboard that it doesn’t allow me to find out which drive is causing the problems (it took a week last time to reach the stage of Drobo Support telling me which drive was causing problems). I want to know NOW so that I can replace the drive and minimise my risk of data loss.

  2. It seems odd that 2 drives should fail in a short time. Apart from a few hard drives that have been DOA (presumably damaged in transit) I’ve never had a hard drive fail (before they’ve got too old I’ve usually replaced them with larger capacity drives). Getting 2 in 3 months fail (at this stage I’m assuming) seems more than just bad luck.

  3. Why did the Drobo tell me I’m critically low on space? My Drobo S is has 5.85TB capacity, I have a 4.3 TB partition used for Time Machine (which has 4GB free) and another partition which is empty and shows a capacity of 13TB.

It sounds like you have an intermittently failing drive.

Please ask the Technical Support agent to put that in as a feature request.

When the drive failed you lost some of your storage capacity. In Drobo Dashboard Advanced Controls - Data, what does it say for the total used space, size and percentage?

I’m assuming that I have (another) intermittently failing drive.

In Dashboard it says:

Used 3.91TB (67%)
Free: 1.94TB (33%)
Total: 5.85TB

Without me doing anything it’s now finished protecting my data and all 5 drives are solid green. (I have 2TB, 2TB, 2TB, 2TB and 500GB).

I’ll put in a feature request. Even it it told me “A new drive was added to Bay 4” it would be far more useful than the current messages.[hr]
Wow - I got a quick response to my Support question. Apparently there are problems with the drives in bays 1 and 4, and both should be replaced. 3 drives in 3 months (including the brand new WD20EARS drive I bought in September). Doesn’t this seem highly unlikely?

If your intermittent failing drive is one of your 2 TB drives then your total storage space goes down to 4.08 TB. That puts you at 96% Full and that will get you the critically low on space message.