8D setup for RAID redundancy

Excuse my ignorance, as I am new to the Drobo world. I just received my Drobo and I am attempting to set it up with a time machine volume, which I did successfully, and then a second volume that will contain all my media. It is decades of family pics and videos so currently I have it setup on a much smaller WD External configured with RAID redundancy. With Drobo do I need to set up Raid on this as well to offer the same level of protection? And I also do an offsite cloud based backup.

Drobo is raid, you’re protected against a single drive failing.

You can optionally turn on Dual Disk Redundancy to protect against 2 drives failing at the same time. Both of my Drobos have this option turned on. This does reduce how much data you can store, which can be compensated for by installing larger drives, or additional drives if you’re not yet filled all bays.

While dual parity volumes is an advantage, it cuts down on the capacity of your array and doesn’t protect you from things like the physical box going down and taking your drives with it.

While more expensive and more aggrevating, it’s better to have a backup array that’s separated from the original by physical distance.