800fs not mounting in MacOS Sierra


So as soon as I upgrade to MacOS Sierra my Drobo 800fs won’t mount and is not visible in Dashboard. So I upgraded Drobo Dashboard to the latest version and that did not help. On Drobo support site it says “If you have updated to Mac Sierra and your Drobo ISCSI connection no longer works you will need to go to ATTO site and download updated image for MacOS Sierra”
so go to https://www.attotech.com/products/software/none/software/INIT-MAC0-001 and shocked to see that I have to pay $195 for this software so that Drobo 800fs will work!!! Is this correct? Or am I wrong?

Any feedback is appreciated.


hi alex, i saw a note on the login page mention this:
NOTE: ISCSI products will require an updated image from ATTO: https://myproducts.drobo.com/article/AA-01921

you might have actually seen that article, though maybe you can double check in case you were looking at a new purchase as maybe there is some upgrade option? (a bit like when a new acronis is released, theres a new cost and a cheaper upgrade cost)

i dont know for sure, but maybe you could email atto in the meantime just to double check too?

Thanks for the feedback Paul, however, there isn’t anywhere on the site that offers free download. My only option is to buy the ATTO software for $195 to make my Drobo work again. Drobo needs to fix this issue.

did the dashboad/macOS Sierra issue get resolved? Am trying to troubleshoot something similar. Am using the B800FS and I just tried to downgrade dashboard but received a “Drobo Dsahboard Service version does not match” error