800fs direct connect storage

Is there any way to use a Drobo800fs as direct connect storage for a widows server/PC?

I need better security on my Drobo and that is the only way I can think of making it happen.

Yes you can.

Firstly make sure that the Drobo B800fs is set to using DHCP (Automatic IP) and NOT Static IP. You can check and set this using the Drobo Dashboard.

After you have done that, power OFF the B800fs. Unplug it from your network (switch/router)… and directly connect it to a Ethernet Port using just a normal network cable. There is no need for a “Cross Cable” (OLD school… :p)

On the Host Server… make sure that the Ethernet Port which is connecting to the B800fs is also set to DHCP.

With the Host Server ON, turn on the B800fs. In this way, the B800fs and the Host (Ethernet Port) will then negotiate a between them a Private segment IP) which is 169.254.x.x

Everything else will be the same…

Of cos’ direct connect a B800fs to a Server does NOT make the B800fs becomes a Direct Attached Storage… it is still a NAS (Network Attached Storage)… You still need to map a network drive, or UNC path into the b800fs, login etc…

Direct connect B800fs only “block” out other clients on the network accessing it… except the Host that is connected to…

is there an increase in speed doing it this way, has anyone bechmarked directly connected versus over a switch etc