6TB 'failed' after firmware upgrade?

I have an FS with


It’s been working fine for quite a while.

I dumbly answered Yes to upgrade firmware (it’s now at 1.2.7, from I think 1.2.4 or 1.2.5).

Now this is showing that the 6TB drive (a NAS drive I put in around April) has failed.

Not convinced Drobo is right but I wanted to see if anyone else has had this experience.

Is there anywhere I can download the older firmware?

Would it be a good idea if I were to reformat this drive in a different system, then re-introduce it to my Drobo?

Downgrading firmware is generally not recommended.

May I know, what is the light showing on the 6TB drive? Blinking RED or Solid RED??

Thanks for the comment Don.

It was Solid. I powered down a few times and up again, same result.

Then I powered up, hot removed the drive and shut down. Powered on, hot inserted the drive, and the Drobo found it. It is now restoring… :). Fingers crossed.

Worrying though. I have a friend who was looking to buy a Drobo but I’ve had to tell him in his shoes, with the support available from Drobo (which doesn’t seem that good once your device is no longer sold by them), that I’d build a Windows machine with Storage Spaces, since he has a spare box and all the drives he needs anyway.