64TB upgrade: backup & restore configuration data for 5N using CrashPlan

Before I reformat my 5N to take advantage of 64TB, I want to make sure I do not lose my configuration of shares and users. I have 5 shares DroboApps, public, a Mac Time Capsule, and two file server backups. These all have different users and permissions.

I have a new Drobo5N that I am moving my data to and setting up CrashPlan to back up between the two 5N’s, but I do not want to lose share or security data. I am planning on creating a single share on the new 5N named “Old5N backup” and pushing these 5 shared folders into it.

Is there a way to and/or a need to backup the 5n share and security configuration data? Where is this kept?(Is it in DroboApps/apache?)

Is it safe to overwrite DroboApps/apache after I convert to 64TB, or is there configuration data specific to the 64TB upgrade that will be overwritten?

What is the best practice for backing up this information before I erase and reformat the old 5N for use as a 64TB device?

Okay so I set up CrashPlan. I viewed Hidden files and I am backing up everything to the new 5N. I have 2 more questions:

When I picked to backup to the new 5N, I do not see where to specify the destination share and folder. So where are these files going on the destination 5N?

Ok so I found where the files go DroboApps/crashplan/app/backupArchives

Next when I reformat the old 5N, I will need to reinstall the CrashPlan app. How do a reinstall CrashPlan so CrashPlan knows it is the same computer and how does a restore work in that case?

My advice to you is to backup the whole of DroboApps.

There is a folder called DroboApps/.AppData that contains a lot of information that DroboApps rely on.

In fact, the actual location of the crashplan data is DroboApps/.AppData/crashplan.

I am backing up the following data:
Not sure what I should restore.
Any ideas?

pic host

Sorry, I think there is a misunderstanding. What I meant is to copy the content of the DroboApps share somewhere safe manually. The .AppData folder is the most important.

If you copy all the files in the DroboApps share (including the hidden files), and then copy them back after recreating the diskpack you’ll be able to restore all apps like they are today.

You are all good. I just thought it was interesting to show what CrashPlan sees.

I am planning on restoring everything under the mnt folder. Not sure if I need usr folder to get users that I setup.