6 TB Drive

Are they supported yet? I want to upgrade some drive but would rather get the 6TB drives instead of the 4’s.

Anyone have some insight on this?


I would like to know as well. I believe the new firmware has not been released and 2.1.5 does not support drives over 4 TB.

Is this correct?

I don’t know if you have found an answer yet, but I have a 5N that I slotted a Seagate 6TB drive into 4 days ago… working perfectly!

Cool, does it report at 6TB in the dashboard?

Currently, we are still testing and qualifying the use of 6 TB drives in all of our various products. We are working to fully qualify and test and benchmark the use of 6 TB drives, and we will be updating the capacity calculator as soon as the testing and qualifications are done.


Awesome, glad to hear that you are already using the a 6 TB drive in your 5N.

Drobo Support

yup, i have 2 of them working perfectly in a drobo5n as well, only problem is that takes you over 16TB, so cant use all the extra space, how do i create an additional volume?

You should get a second volume:


  •    If the amount of available, protected storage space in your Drobo 5D ever exceeds the size of the volume that you chose (this may occur when you add one or more additional drives to your Drobo 5D), then Drobo Dashboard will automatically create a new volume (or volumes) of the same size as the original volume. Drobo Dashboard will notify you when this occurs and ask you to format and name the new volume(s).

I’m new to Drobo. I just purchased a 5N a few weeks back and I currently have 2 WDC Red 6TB drives (WD60EFRX-68M) and 1 Seagate 4TB drive (ST4000DM000-1F2) installed. The unit recognizes the drives and their sizes correctly. I have not had any issues.

Anyone know if the original Drobo Pro will support 6 TB drives? I need to start switching out the 2TB drives
and would prefer to upgrade to 6TB.

Thanks in advance for any input.

Hi, that is for the Drobo5D it does not happen for the 5N (unless im missing something)

I’ve been installing HGST 6TB Helium drives in a Drobo Pro (connected using iSCSI) for several months. I’ve been upgrading about one drive per month and they’re working very well. Remember that you don’t get any extra usable space until you install at least two larger capacity drives. My Drobo Pro is set up for dual parity so I had to install 3 drives to see a capacity increase.

I’m replacing 3TB drives and it took about 4 days for the Drobo to finish re-layout for each new drive, though it remained fully usable the whole time.

If you fully populate a Drobo Pro with 6TB drives and use dual parity for added safety you end up with 32TB of usable capacity (after subtracting the 10% lying factor in drive maker storage claims). That has to be set up as at least two volumes since 16TB is the largest volume size. If you only use single parity, you will have room for a third volume of about 5.5TB.

Put my first WD60EZRX (6 TB green) in my 5D: no issue so far, no benefit yet of course since it’s the only 6 TB drive aside the 4x 6 TB ones. Will take time before replacing all WD40EZRX though.

Recently updated…

[i]New larger capacity drives (e.g. 3TB, 4TB, 6TB) are now available for purchase in 3.5" SATA models. Drobo supports the use of these high-capacity drives in Drobo systems to allow users to continue to expand their Drobo storage. While larger drive capacities can be used in a Drobo, as they become available, Drobo products have a current max usable storage limit:

Current max usable capacity:

Drobo B1200i: 32TB
Drobo 5D: 32TB
Drobo (3rd Gen): 32TB
Drobo 5N: 16TB
Drobo B800i:  32TB
Drobo B800fs:  32TB[/i]