5n2 won't power one, need replacement


I have a Drobo 5n2 and the drobo will not power on. There are no green (or any) lights illuminated on the front. In the back, I hear and see the fan spinning, and feel the vibration from what it seems like the hard drives. However, the little power button the back has the green light barely flickering. It does that from the moment power is plugged in to it. If I try to press the power button to turn it on it doesn’t do anything.

I opened a ticket with Tech support and they’re less than helpful. They don’t troubleshoot for the part that’s bad and suggest buying a new unit. Drobo itself doesn’t have them in stock and I can’t find them online anywhere else. The migration chart says that it has to go to another 5n2, so my options are even more limited.

The only other thing I can think of is buying a used one off of ebay but I really don’t want to do that except as a last resort.

Has anybody else had this issue and been able to fix it? It’s mind boggling that this can fail and there is no way for me to get a replacement port, send it in to get fixed, or to buy another.

Is Drobo on it’s way out?


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I had an issue with trying to buy a new 5N2 to replace my aging FS (I reached the ceiling of its capacity). The 5N2 has been sold out since the beginning of the year (!!), so I bough a used 5N2. It took some doing, but I got them attach the remaining warranty to my account. You might not have any other choice but to buy a used one, unfortunately.

As to your problem, it does sound like it may be a power issue. You might want to check the power brick first. It’s possible that it is the component causing issues. If you have a multimeter (or you can get one), check if the power coming out of the brick is what it should be. If it’s the brick, try to buy a replacement.

If that’s not it, it might be, as you suspect, the power port on the unit itself. That might be a little trickier. I took apart my old FS at one point to replace the fan and IIRC the power port is soldered in. Not sure if this is the case on the 5N2, but probably. You could open it up to see (I mean, it’s already broken, right?).