5N2 wont mount shares for Win10 PC with Dashboard, but will for others

Hi All,
Ive been using a 5n2 for a couple of years now, and just last week both of my shares (one public, one “private” with login credentials) are gone from my main windows 10 machine. I use it for photo backup and software editing, as well as whole system backups scheduled via Macrium Reflect. The last time i used them was when a full scheduled backup (about 500GB) of the system completed to the public share. Each time i try to mount the shares via the dashboard on this PC i get the “share cannot be mounted” message. If i do it manually thru windows explorer using “\Drobo5n2\Public” it fails every time.

I can still see and edit files via 2 android devices using ES File explorer, and with 2 different Microsoft Surface win10 machines. Even though the PC with the dashboard says the shares arent mounted, just pointing windows explorer to \drobo5n2[share name] works on BOTH.

I can even use the drobo access web interface fine on the machine in question. I can see the Drobo itself as a network location in windows explorer, but cant see my 2 shares, just some files i put in there when i first started using it to backup from my android devices.

Things I’ve tried:
uninstalling Drobo Dashboard and reinstalling. No.
uninstalling dashboard and trying to connect thru windows. No. If i check “login with different credentials” i get a password prompt with my drobo user name prefilled. Its getting that somehow. Even with the dashboard/drobo box password it still fails

Firmware is current. IP is static in my google mesh system.
spending a few hours reading posts here. No solutions seem to help.

There were no windows updates recently per my logs. The only system change was a Nvidia GPU driver upgrade. I can try downgrading but that seems both illogical and a long shot.

This thing is critical to my workflow and livelihood. I am of out of warranty. My files are still there, so i am not in terrible shape, and if i cant figure something out at least i can copy (hopefully) everything over to a Synology or QNAP soon i suppose.

Its very strange in that it works on other machines but not the one it HAD been working on for a year. Im using Macafee total protection with firewall off, windows firewall off. I dont think its a networking issue since i can see the device as a location, but I am at a loss.

Any insight anyone can provide would be very much appreciated. Thank you in advance.