5N2 suddenly crashed and is now in a reboot loop

I sure hope someone can help with this.

I’ve had a 5N2 running with 4x6TB drives for a good while now with no issues. Two days ago a drive failed. I replaced it with a brand new 10TB drive and also added a 2nd 10TB drive in the last vacant space. It spent time overnight “rebalancing” to correct the issues caused by the failed drive.

However, I got up today, and all of the lights were red, and I couldn’t communicate with it through the desktop dashboard app at all. I cycled the power, and it now appears to be stuck in an endless boot loop and never completes the boot. Please help!!! I have terabytes of pictures, music, and videos, my tax backups for years, and my computer backups all on this drive. How do I diagnose this if it won’t even complete a boot?

I did remove all of the drives, got it to reboot to one red light, and then it booted to the point where I could capture a diagnostic and send it in. But it simply uploaded it to Drobo, and I don’t know how to view it myself.

It would break my heart to lose the close to 14TB of photos, music, videos, and computer backups with all my past years tax data on them.

Can anyone possibly help me with this? The salt in the wound is that I just paid $600 for two new 10TB drives. They’re a complete waste if this drobo is dead. :frowning: Help please, and thank you in advance!

FYI - the two new drives were WD 101EFBX NASWARE 3.0 “WD Red Plus” drives.

It sounds like you didn’t let the Drobo format and populate the replaced drive first, before inserting the additional drive? If so, it may have corrupted the RAID format.

If you have removed your drives I hope you have a clear record of which slot they came out of, so they can be inserted back in the same slot later.

I am reticent to suggest a next step for fear of it scrambling your data only to note that when a drive fails, Drobo goes into protection mode (yellow blinking) but the data is still readable however there is no protection. If that can established, making an external copy would be the best outcome, before looking to expand any capacity.

I agree with TwinTiger’s assessment.
Unless Drobo is used in dual disk redundancy mode, removing 2 disks at once will kill an array. One needs to remove and replace one disk, wait for it to complete rebuilding the array, then and only then can a second disk be removed and replaced.

When you replaced the 2 drives, did you do it as described above? Or did you replace both disks at once? If you did the latter, then it would explain the state your Drobo is in.

If your Drobo is still in warranty (unlikely, as I haven’t seen one for sale in about 2 years), I would suggest you contact Drobo support. The logs can be generated from the “Help and Support” tab of the Drobo Dashboard. They are automatically saved to your desktop, but they are encrypted and only readable by Drobo themselves, which kinda sucks.

As TwinTiger mentioned, you might be able to recover your original disk pack if your place your disks back in the same order they were in before replacing the 2 drives, but I’m not 100% sure this would work. I wouldn’t chance it and check with Support first.

Good luck!



There was only one failed disk, and I replaced it when the dashboard said - Replace the drive with the flashing red light. I then added a 2nd new drive in what was an empty slot. I never removed more than the one bad drive.

When I power it up, the fans spin up, the lights on the right all turn yellow/orange, and the lights at the bottom light up blue and marquis from the ends toward the center. Then the lights appear to blink a bit, the fan stops, and it all goes dead with nothing but the orange side lights and a single green power light.

Could this be a failed power supply? Will any 12V 10A 5.5mm/2.5mm power supply do as a replacement? For example this one: https://www.amazon.com/ALITOVE-100-240V-Converter-Transformer-5-5x2-1mm/dp/B07MXXXBV8/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=12v+10a+power+supply&qid=1636564272&sr=8-3

Drobos are quite notorious for misbehaving when supplied with bad power. Maybe it worked fine until you started using the last vacant slot, at which point it could no longer supply sufficient power? I’m not sure if it works quite that way, but it’s worth trying a new PS.

The power supply you linked does not seem to be adapted to a Drobo device and gets quite bad reviews. I would recommend something like this instead:

Let us know if that works out!



Don, I was going to follow your recommendation, but looking at the images, I see that this PS is only 2.0 Amps. I think the original was 12.5 Amps. Do you know how to buy a power supply from Drobo?

Drobo, as with most of their products, has been sold out of official power supplies since forever:

This is why I was suggesting a third-party PS from Amazon. The one I originally linked to is now out of stock, but the description mentioned “Output: 12V 12.5A150W”. Maybe you were looking at the input specifications?
Power Supply image

This one is currently in stock and gets good reviews:

Good luck!