5N2 not showing up on network

I’ve had my same network setup for over a year, and had mostly the same setup for 4 years. I did a network reset recently because I was having some wi-fi connectivity issues with other devices. I shut the whole network cabinet down, including the primary switch and drobo, and restarted everything.

I don’t use the drobo on a daily basis, so it went unnoticed for a bit that it wasn’t showing up. The drobo powers on just fine, and after several resets I was able to get it to connect directly to my macbook via an ethernet. With it connected I went through the trouble of assigning both ports each a static IP address, powered it off, hooked it back up to the main switch, and turned it back on.

Still doesn’t show up in the network anywhere. The lights on the switch show a connection, and intermittent activity, but I do not see it listed in my Google Wifi device list, and it doesn’t show up in any computer’s drobo dashboard (macOS or Windows)