5N2 Firmware 4.3.0 and AFP Support (MAC)

Prior to installing this update I’ve been using AFP to mount my Drobo. I was doing this because color tags for files/directories were not supported when mounting using SMB and I make extensive use of those tags. I had submitted a ticket to address the issue and was provided an advance copy of the new firmware. The color tag problem has been fixed in 4.3.0 and I’m now using SMB. I did notice that mounting a share via AFP no longer seems possible after the upgrade. It’s not a problem for me but it’s not mentioned in the release notes and it might catch some users by surprise. I’ve got a request in to the support team to see if this is by design.

System Info:
macOS Monterey 12.2.1
M1 iMac, Intel iMac Pro

Hello fellow Drobo user:

I have been trying to find information on using a Drobo 5D with a newer Mac using the newest macOS Monterey. I see you are using Monterey. Has it been a problem getting Drobo 5D and the latest Drobo software working with the new macOS?

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I’ve not had any issues with my Drobo or the Drobo Dashboard with either Intel or Apple silicon Macs running macOS Monterey. I’m running the most recent firmware (4.3.0-13.47.117400) and dashboard version 3.6.1. My Drobo is a 5N2 not a 5D so I don’t have direct experience with your Drobo model but I believe that you would not have any issues. Because your 5D is directly connected to your Mac vs. a network attachment like mine you’re probably less susceptible to issues than I am. Hope this helps.


I just noticed that I posted this in the wrong forum. I’ll re-post this in the Network Attached Products forum.

Hello Mark,

I do have a new Mac Studio on the way to replace my older ‘vintage’ late 2013 27” iMac - which will go no higher than MacOS Catalina.

Did you have Drobo Desktop software working all along and just upgraded OS’s or….are you using it on a new Mac that has existing Monterey install?

Nothing in the forums that I could find and nothing on Drobo’s website stating that they even support Monterey. No FAQs, etc.

I have in the past had some issues when upgrading macOS and some information pointing to ‘do not upgrade beyond Catalina’.

But I see that you have it working. I will face any issues that I may have with my Drobo 5D - just like I did when upgrading to Catalina. I had to enable some kernel modules to get it to work. It wasn’t very easy and took several iterations of reinstalling the OS, booting to single user mode and enabling the kernel extensions and installing Drobo desktop before doing anything else like restoring from Time Machine using Migration assistant.

It will be a different scenario than someone who has been running Drobo desktop across different versions of macOS and had the kernel modules approved previously.

I’ve come to the conclusion of IT support: “do not try to resolve issues before seeing what it is”. But it has slowed me down in updating/upgrading another iMac that will update to the latest OS. Still stuck on Catalina for now.

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I’ve got the Drobo running fine on both a new iMac that shipped with Monterey and an older iMac that was upgraded from older Mac operating system. I’ve had no issues at all.


That’s usually good news, if people have issues there’s usually lots of posts & long threads. Nobody saying anything, then you’re either about to do something very unusual that nobody tried, or else nobody had any issues doing it.

I am on Mac Monterey 12.3.1 and using Drobo 5N; after installing the new update, Drobo dashboard keeps saying no drives installed on Drobo once connected. Any suggestions?

A Drobo reporting no drives tends to be a problem with either the drives or the Drobo itself. Completely independent of what OS is installed on what it’s connected to.

If you are within support my first suggestion would be to contact them, they can often tell from the Drobo logs, & since it shows up in dashboard pulling them should be fairly easy.

My next suggestion would be shut down, remove all the drives & try with a couple of spare drives to see if it sets up like a new unit. That should tell you if it’s an issue with the Drobo, or something to do with one or more disks in the drive pack.

Where you go from there depends on the findings.

The issue with my Drobo 5N2 not mounting shares via AFP has been resolved in firmware release 4.3.1. I’ve closed my support case with Drobo.