5N2 failure after changing IP address/restart

well i guess another Drobo failure to add to the mix, I moved my Drobo5N2 to a new location in the house where it was happily purring for 3yrs, after I moved it and power it on all was good except I had to remove the static IP and change it to DHCP - after doing so the Drobo restarted and it won’t boot up it seems. NO LED come on at all on the front, there is a feint green light that flickers on the power toggle button at the back and the fan is spinning.
Removed all the drives, mSATA, network cables, opened it up and cleaned it out - disconnected the battery, LED connector and fan connector and reseated - no joy.
Can’t find a Drobo 5N2 anywhere to move my diskpack too…meh.
–they’ll be back in stock in a couple month i see on Twitter but … seriously … I bought a Synology no issues two weeks back…so why is the ‘chip shortage’ affecting Drobo so much…

Anyone have similar experience/issue? I have ordered a new power pack (mine does not have a green LED on it like I have read some have) maybe that will be the resolution.

fun times :slight_smile:

Symptoms seem like those for my D5N2.

I’m looking for hard reset (factory reset). There appears to be one of those small holes (into which techs stick a straightened paper clip) adjacent to the power cord connector, but I don’t observe any change in behavior after holding the reset depressed with power disconnected and also connected.