5N2, DroboAccess, Download-Speed very slot (180kb/s) /closed "sloved"



can someone give me a hint how to improve the download speed of DroboAccess via “Internet”

i have a Drobo 5N2 connected via PortDuplex to a Switch which is connected to the Internet. Accesing to the Drobo via Ethernet is possible with a acceptable speed (~700Mbit/s).
But when i try to download a zip-file from Droboacces over the internet https:\*.mydrobo.com the spead is only ~180kb/s.

The upload sepad from the Router is ~8Mb/s.

i also tested this with a second 5N2 in a different building with a different provider (comlpeetly different Hardware but also a 5N2) and the speed is compearable slow.

thx in advance for your feedback.



since over one month no replay also not from the Drobo support.

Can someone please tell me his download speed of DroboAcces?
is my drobo the only slow drobo?



in case smeone has the same “Issue” i got feedback from the Support team:

Thank you for contacting Drobo Technical Support
DroboAccess is not built for speed, you are getting the speeds that are normal for that application.
Kind Regards,
Sr. Drobo Support Agent

so if you share Files via DroboAccess a normal speed is 180kb/s