5N2 continually restarts when copying large amount of files

I have a 5D, a mini and a 5N2. For ‘administrative’ reasons I need to copy a few TB of data from the 5D to the 5N2. Copy always starts OK, but anything from 30 minutes to a few hours into the transfer, the 5N2 restarts.

When I am not copying, and using the 5N2 for some normal data, and Time machine (3 shares) it is stable, and remains up for weeks at a time. The problem is only when copying large amounts of files.

iMac 27" (late 2014) running Mojave
5D attached with Thunderbolt 2
5N2 attached with dual cat 6 ethernet cables to switch, which is connected by ethernet to iMac

I’ve already transferred several TB of data from 5D to the Mini with no issue.

I am stumped

I had this issue, so far seems it was a firmware problem. Try 4.2.2.

Same issue with Drobo 5N2 dropping from the network when starting a large file transfer. It hangs after about 170mb transfers, repeatably and reliably. I have switched off port bonding, swapped cables, tried both network ports individually, switched computers and operating systems with the same issues. So it appears there is an issue with the software running the Drobo. I followed the advice above to ensure it is running 4.2.2-13.45.114559 so that’s not the issue. Anyone else browsing through with a Drobo 5N2 that doesn’t stay connected to the network and keep dropping off the network?

Also having this issue when transferring large files of data to a Drobo Share file the 5n2 crashes and restarts. Unable to determine what is causing the hang up, if I transfer 1 folder at a time then it usually will work. Reaching out to support for a known issue and if they are working on a fix.

I know this is old, but is there any update on this? I just started transferring large amounts of files to my Drobo 5N2 and it shuts down during each of the transfers. I am running 4.3.1-13.48.117497

Not sure why this might happen, but it might be an overheating issue or even a power issue. Drobos are notorious for having their power supplies fail in strange ways. Your Drobo could work just fine for smaller files but might draw more power than a failing power supply can provide during a long transfer, thus causing a crash. Unfortunately, with Drobo support MIA, it is very unlikely you can have anyone read a diagnostic file to see the cause of the crash. :frowning:

I transfer “large” files regularly and do not have issues at the same firmware level (even though it has since been pulled from Drobo’s site). How big is large? Is it multiple TB, like in the OP’s post?

I don’t see anything in the release notes that indicates that there has been a fix for such an issue, unless it’s included in the “Various stability improvements” (which it very well may be):

Sorry I could not be of any more help, but you may want to try with a new power supply unit. Good luck!