5N Whack a mole - no support or products anymore?

I have a 5N and a 5N2. Bought the 5N2 before I realized the problem with the 5N was a bad power brick.
I think I have the same problem with 5N as I did before.
Drives go red. Take out, long format. Put back in, other drives go red. Power off. Long format all drives. put all back in and start up. some bad, some good.
Set to factory settings, power down, long format all drives. put all drives back in. power up. 3 of 5 are green. Take one blinking red out and format . replace. Only 2 green, others not recognized.

Extremely frustrating. I think it might be the power block. Amazon has some third party ones but that may not be the answer. I cant seem to find them on the Drobo site and NO ONE ANSWERS SALES phone.

I know Drobo was sold, but are the products all OUT OF BUSINESS???

Anyone know where I can get a reputable power supply?