5N was Critical, now just won't respond after disk repair

Yesterday my 5N was “critical” in the dashboard but all drives showed green. And all of the capacity lights were off (should be at 60%). After searching around I finally did a drive repair and went to bed. When I got up my capacity lights were back up to 60% but now the drobo can’t be seen from the dashboard. I’ve rebooted the drobo, removed the accelerator card, uninstalled & reinstalled the dashboard, turned off the OS X firewall. Following another thread on here, I can ping it but nmap shows all ports are closed.

Since I had 2 days left on my extended warranty, I had contacted drobo about the “critical” issue. It’s been over 24 hours with no response so I can’t tell them about the new issue and that my drive capacity is back. Of course they made sure I had the latest firmware & dashboard. They sent one latest diagnostics to the “development team for review”.

Drobo has been giving me tests to perform. Just plugging & unplugging the network cable might get it to listen. Still not happening. Another test was to power down, remove all drives, & do the same tests. Basically after the drive repair which fixed the mounting issue, this 5N is ignoring network connections.

Mine did the same. Do the blue lights on the bottom indicate the proper volume that’s taken up? MIne went completely deaf, but the “computer” seems to be working. I still have to deal with that. I bought a 5N2 to bring the volume back to life, which seems to be working.