5N suddenly says "Warning: 100% Lifespan"

I’m using a Plextor PX128M5M which works flawlessly. But my Droby Dashboard says “Warning: 100% Lifespan”. So I just took the SSD connected it to my Computer and a ran the usual SSD test and SMART analysis. Everything 100%. Nothing. Where is the error?

can you show us the SMART output?

SSDs are rated for how many time they can be written too (anywhere from 1,000 full writes to 6,000 full writes is typical)

one of the SMART values in SSDs is how much % of that has been used (or is left - depnding on the model)

For instance my Samsung SSD has 81% of its rated write capacity left.

of course once its all been used… it may continue to work fine for years… or it may died without warning.

basically it sounds like you have written to your SSD as many times as the manufacturer has warrantied it for… so you can continue to use it, but its now going beyond its original specification, an is probably out of warranty[hr]

there… its called wear levelling count (this is on a samsung drive). you can see the raw value is 228, so the whole disk has been written to 228 times. and the normalised value is 96, which is the % remaining

thats what you need to look for in your SMART data (or whatever the plextor equivalent is)

Would you ensure you are on the latest firmware and Dashboard for the Drobo 5D.


He’s got a 5N

WLC ist 100% - like all other SMART parameters… FW and Dashboard are utd