5N Still Showing FULL

One of our Drobo5N with dual redundancy, had NAS Drives: 4TB 4TB 4TB 8TB 8TB (with what I thought was about ~20% freespace last time I remember looking).
Added some movie files over the fall.
Two days ago, Dashboard indicated that the 4TB drive in Bay0 needed to be replaced due to low usable space.
I replaced the 4TB drive with a 10TB drive.
Per the Drobo calculator, 4/4/4/8/8 was at ~10.89TB available space, now with the new 10TB drive it jumps to ~14.52TB.
After the Drobo went through 30hours of re-distribution of data, it now says that the 4TB drive in Bay1 needs to be replaced due to low free space.
How can it still show FULL when I just added 3.63TB of space?
Not looking forward to another $300 10TB drive just to find out it still thinks it’s FULL.
Not very interested in going from dual to single drive failure either…
Thanks for any insight,
PS: we have five Drobo "5"s; two 5Cs, two 5Ns, one FS

To increase your capacity, you will need to add another 8TB or 10TB drive. Your 10TB drive only reserves space for expansion, but will not increase your usable space.

Use the Drobo Capacity Calculator http://www.drobo.com/storage-products/capacity-calculator/ for your Drobo unit to understand this a little more, starting with your original drives, then swap in a 10TB drive and then another similar sized drive.

Hope this helps

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