5n speed ???

trying to find out what sort of speed to expect from a 5N, heres the scenario…

5N to gigabit switch to network to apple airport hub then wifi to a 2015 macbook pro - using black magic disk speed tester i am seeing 60MB/s average which seems good

5N to same gigiabit switch to late 2010 mac mini - this shows only 9-10MB/s speed

What would be the reason for the massive speed drop if all hardware is gigabit rated???

I am trying to debug video streaming issues, the 5N holds my library, the mac mini is my server, laptop is used for control and TV for viewing via built in media player. It was ok when the library was on a 4D connected to the server but I thought the 5N was faster??

Is the Mac Mini directly connected to the gigabit router via the gigabit port? Or the Mac Mini is connected via WiFi?

9-10MB/s speed is the “max” out speed typically for 10/100Mbps ethernet port.

  1. Check Mac Mini is connected via Ethernet and not wifi. *This ensure best throughput for the Mini as the media server.
    **Best is OFF the WiFI on the Mac Mini.

  2. Ensure that the Mini is connected to the gigabit switch or router on the GIGAbit" port. Some gigabit router also has 10/100Mbps port. Make sure is not connected to that port.

Lastly on the Mini, open Network (under System Preferences),
a) Ethernet (Connected) > Advanced > Hardware
b) Make sure the “Configured” is set to “Automatically”
c) Under the “speed” (which is grey out), it should reflect the speed of the connection.
Is should be 1000baseTx (1Gbps). If is 100baseTx that means Mini is connected to a port that only support 10/100Mbps.

Yes, directly connect, not wifi

will check system prefs for connection speed.


My Drobo 5n and main laptop are both connected directly to my wireless router. My copy speeds average 70MB/sec. This is with WD Green Drives. So, I think it’s plenty fast for a NAS.

Just discovered the mac mini server was connected at 100Mb/s not 1000 as expected sp Don was correct above that 10MB was maxed out.

Now need to find out why the lower connection speed choice.[hr]
Looks like a bad cable run, moved the mac mini near to the switch and used a short ethernet lead, now connects at 1000.

Speed tester now showing write speeds around 88MB/s and reads of 99MB/s which seems better.

I’ll try cutting the plugs off the cable and remaking them before running new cable, might be a core missing which could possibly force half-duplex maybe or simply prevent full speed connection.

@davek, good to hear that you pin-point the issue. Seems like might be a bad cable run. Can’t remember what length, but ethernet cable has a max run length. When exceed, the signal will drop and maybe hence the lower speed.

Its limited to 100m per segment but my run is only about 30m max.

My guess is one of the plugs didn’t crimp properly.

Cut the plugs off and remade both ends.

Previous file copy speed from drobo 5N through wired network to mac mini with drobo 4 (backup copy) was 430MB/min it’s now running at 1.11GB/min so an impressive speed boost just by knocking everything into gigabit mode :slight_smile: