5N Showing out of space

We have a Drobo 5N that is showing out of space on the Dashboard. We have 2x3TB hard drives. It shows the storage should be 2.9TB of storage. I check in my folders and show only about 500GB of space being used. But, the Drobo continues to tell me to insert a new drive and that it’s out of space. Update was recently done on the Drobo device. Restart does not help.

hi if you can, would you be able to please post a screenshot or 2 of dashboard and what it is showing you, eg to imgur?
(you can hide any serial numbers etc to play safe)

I can’t get any pictures to post.

I deleted some data in a backup folder that was not needed anymore and it looks like it freed up some space, but no one can get to any of the share or anything. I’m ready to throw this POS in the trash.

You have three choices.

  1. Throw the POS in the trash and move on.

  2. Ask Drobo Support for help and possibly get it, possibly not.

  3. Give as much information about the problem as you can here and maybe someone will be able to help you.

Which is it to be?

We really need to see a diag if a screen shot cannot be uploaded.

Would you create a case and then upload the log to the case. Once you have done this please direct message me the case number.

In the interim, as a rule of thumb: