5N reboot loop, will reboot with no drives, how do I recover the data?

Hello and hope someone can help me.

I have had a 5N for 5 years and it has been good to me. A few days ago it got stuck in a loop rebooting. It never completed the boot so is not seen on the Drobo Dashboard. Followed some steps to get he diagnostics but out of support so the file went no where but it did prove that if I power down, remove all drives (I have four) and power up, I could get to the dashboard and get the diagnostic file. It stayed booted while doing this.
Shit down again and put the drives back in order. Now power up and it is back in the old loop.
I am tempted to power up with not all drives but fear this may damage the data.
Any advice would be great. I love my Drobo but am upset that I can’t find clear instructions on how to fault find.
Thanks in advance.

If you have access to a spare power supply unit, or a bench PSU you can dial in the correct voltage rated for the current on the existing PSU brick, try substituting that & see if it boots, boot loops are often down to a PSU that can’t deliver the rated current anymore.

The fact you can boot without the load of the drives suggests this might be your trouble.

Thanks. Is it ok to put the drive back in and power up?

If you don’t want to be losing data only insert or remove the entire pack with the Drobo powered OFF. I generally actually detatch the PSU cord (after shutting down) when inserting or removing drive packs rather than simply replacing a failed drive or upgrading capacity.