5N & OS El Cap

I recently upgraded my MAC to El Cap OS 10.11.3 and now one of my 2 drabs works and other boots up and then shows only a power light. When I go into Disk Utility the good drobo shows the other does not. When I run disk warrior it does not show. Have others had problems with this OS?

Drobo tech support basically sent me an email running me through a bunch of what ifs that went no where. Any thoughts?

hi schlossd, can i check if both of your drobos (or which ones) were still connected to the mac during the actual upgrade to elcapitan? (you may have disconnected them before the upgrade, which is the best practice, but just to check first please)

OS X Disk Utility never displays network shares. Are you sure you have two Drobo 5Ns?

If one of them is only showing the power light and no others that means it isn’t starting up. Your problem has nothing to do with your computer operating system. Try powering it down and removing all the disks before powering it up again. If it goes through the “dancing blue lights” start-up and finally settles with one of the drive bay indicators lit up red then the unit is functioning, so shut it down, replace the disks and power it up again. Report back with how you get on.

(just linking to schlossd’s recent post in case related)

If it’s the same one what is the state of the LED on the power adapter? It should be glowing steadily. If it’s flashing or flickering it might well have failed.

(if the recent storms weve had john pass through other areas, am guessing some power outages or spikes might have affected others too - my net was out until last night but luckily no more surges yet)