5N not shutting down :-(


I am having problems (I think) with my 5N.

I popped a new 1Tb drive in the unit today and got the green light on all 4 of them, previously had three 1Tb drives.

A few hours later, I pressed the shut-down link in the dashboard and an hour later it still hasn’t shut off?

All the 5 drive bays have turned orange, the green activity light is on solid green, the blue LED lights are moving right to left and the power button is flashing orange.

Has anybody else had this problem at all? I can only assume the disks are busy and not shutting off yet?

WE need access to the Drobo when we get back in tomorrow so hopefully it will sort itself out in the next 12 hours or I am stuffed.

Any Ideas? Any help would be much appreciated.

I recommend to contact support. The unit definitely should not behave like this.

what you do push in back chase I/O instantly … must be turn off bro …

Can you confirm what version of dashboard you are running on your 5N? Also can you confirm what firmware is currently installed? Can you advise how it is connected to the network, is it plugged into a switch or a router?

I would also advise collecting logs and filing a case with support.


Thank you,

Drobo Support