5N no ip address, not visible using scans

The 5N has worked for the last few years as advertised. Until today.

I am unable to see the 5N in the Dashboard or on my network. IPScans see my FS and all the other items on my network, but not the 5N.

I directly plugged the 5N to my desktop’s ethernet port and it was seen via the Dashboard. When I plugged it back into the router it was no longer visible.

I have rebooted the PC and the 5N numerous times to no avail.
I have changed to known good cables and known good ethernet ports.
I have 5 solid vertical green lights, 7 solid blue lights and the bottom left power light is solid green.
Dashboard 2.8.5[87185].
Firmware 3.5.11 [8.90.81921]
It has 5 WD Red 3tb drives in it
My system is Windows 7 Ultimate 64 with the latest patches.
The 5N has always been on DHCP.
There were no power outages or surprise shutdowns of the desktop or the 5N.
I tried rebooting with my firewall and AV disabled, it didn’t help.

2/5-rebooted the router.

2/5-I shut down the 5N, removed all 5 drives, then restarted it. The topmost drive bay displayed a solid red light, none of the others had any lights. No IP registered on the network nor on the dashboard.

2/5-I can access the files when it is directly plugged into a machine via the ethernet port. Drobo Dashboard sees it when plugged in directly and tells me it has an ip address. When I run an IP scan it shows that address as “dead” and my router doesn’t see it at all.

2/5-while plugged directly into my computer I assigned it a manual IP address. Dashboard still doesn’t see it however my PCs do. It is wonky as it initially says it can’t connect and you have to click cancel then it lets you in.

Any ideas or suggestions on how to get Dashboard to see a manual IP’d 5N?

hi, its good that you were able to access the data and find it when plugged in locally,
can i check in case there are any other settings in windows, to do with security that might possibly have changed (like via a windows update maybe?)

if all was ok, and no updates took place, and it suddenly stopped being found via your router, is there a way for you to check in the router to see if that was maybe updated somehow? (some routers auto update and maybe you can find a version number to see if it has a release date just before you had the problems?)

also, is there a way for you to log into your router, to see if any thing shows as blocked in the logs?
(maybe there is a blacklist there that could show you what was blocked too?)

Thanks for the suggestions. My router has no updates done (the upside I suppose of a 5+ year old router!).
I checked my windows update logs and it shows no updates (I have autoupdate disabled).
My AV is the same as always (in fact I see I do need to update it, a bit out of date).

I checked my router logs and it shows nothing blocked, no blacklist either.

It seems like the 5N isn’t throwing off a DHCP to my 192.168.x.xxx environment.

When connected directly,
[]What was its IP address when you connected, directly? Did it begin with 169.254.xxx.xxx?
]Did you try disabling DHCP (then click OK), then re-enabling DHCP?
[*]Have you tried setting a manual IP address within your network’s range and “reserving” the IP address (i.e., setting that as the static address) on your router?

I don’t recall the IP address when I plugged it in directly, it could have been 16.254.xxx

I did try disabling and reenabling the DHCP.

I did set the ip address on my router manually to reserve it.

thanks for more info,
btw when you mentioned rebooting, was that just for the 5N after using dashboard to shut it down?
if so, has the computer actually been fully rebooted too? (maybe that could help, because sometimes my usb sockets get locked if i swap devices, and a reboot fixes that for me)

it might also be worth double checking that ip address from wrleetoo

I have rebooted everything multiple times thinking maybe something was “stuck”
I will plug it into a laptop directly and see what that ip address is soon and report back.

ok thanks, btw i forgot to mention, in some cases i had to keep everything powered off for about 5-10 minutes to get my port to unlock… it may be worth leaving things off for that amount of time too (and making a cup of tea) as well :slight_smile: