5n new user-Sharing folders and other stuff

So Im really excited about using the 5n. Seems like its going to make my life much more simple than it was before and that’s what I was shooting for…
There are two items that are frustrating me…now keep in mind Im NEW and I know this is a stupid question but I have to ask.
#1- Is there no way to share and existing folder in DROBO without creating a new share in the drobo app then moving the folder you want to share into that new share you just created?
Let me go further with an example.
When I first received my 5n, I created 5 shares and moved all folders into that share. No issues. Now Im looking at one of my shares called DATA and in there is a user folder called YOLI. I want to share that YOLI folder that is a sub folder in the DATA parent folder without having to create a new share called YOLI in Drobo app and then move all sub folders in the YOLI folder to the newly created share in drobo called YOLI.
#2 - I have Windows server 2012 and have AD set up but do not use it. Can I connect drobo to windows AD so I don’t have to add users into the drobo app and rely on AD to do this?