5N Mounting Freezes Finder (10.9)

Hey All -

Just upgraded my router and ever since I have not been able to connect to my Drobo 5N over ethernet. On my laptop, which is running 10.10 there are no issues either over Wifi or Ethernet. But both my studio Mac Pros, which are 10.9, I can see the Drobo 5N on the network, and even connect, but when I attempt to mount the volume I get the spinning beachball - I cannot even force quit, I have to force shut down.

Any ideas?

I’d appreciate any help! BTW, my router is a Netgear R7000 running WRT, but had the same issues running stock firmware.

Thanks much!

Try uninstalling and reinstalling the Drobo Dashboard (may need you to enable exceptions on your FireWall settings again).

Alternatively, see whether the share can be mounted from Finder (under Shared).
Like so > http://media.screensteps.me/katiefloyd/gh7eq4/installing-helper-applications.png?1387718593


Try a manual mount in Finder.