5N Intel-OSX Issue: Reboot on First Write Attempt

Hello all,

I’ve been searching for a solution for this and unfortunately have not found one - so here I am posting: Thanks for any thoughts/input.

I have a (7) year old 5N which connects fine over my wifi: Dashboard status is green/normal and am running red NAS drives. I’ve enable no additional Drobo software besides the basics.

I’m connected via my Intel MacBook:

  • Montery 12.2 (fully updated)
  • Latest version of Dashboard (that I’m aware of): 3.6.1 115880
  • Unit firmware is up to date (no updates reported by Dashboard)
  • Spotlight indexing is off.

My issue is that every first time I attempt to write to the array, after the unit mounts, the copy process panics and the unit restarts. Once the unit restarts and remounts a second time, my writes are always successful.

Note that this has been occurring for several years, via both standard Finder “drag/copy” and CP via the terminal, regardless of single files and/or directories being copied.

Also, running a disk maintenance solution (such as Disk Utility) is of course not possible as I have no way to directly connect to the unit.

Thanks again for any thoughts,
~ Billy

How old are those WD Reds? And what capacity?

You may have run foul of this:
WD publishes complete list of SMR drives following user backlash | TechSpot

If so, I’m afraid the drives are incompatible with Drobos, they use strictly CMR drives, not SMR, which for the WD Reds means Red Plus or Red Pro only.

Cyber-Beardy - thank you for this information - it is appreciated. I’ve checked my drives and the (2) newer 4TB drives I’ve added are WD40EFRX (ID’d in the dashboard), which my searches show as CMR/Red Plus. I purchased one in 2015 (before HD introduced the SRMs in 2019).

Mine do however have a 64MB cache as compared to 256 - however from what I read this really shouldn’t make a large performance difference as my file transfers are far and few between. Also, the initial crash occurs regardless if I’m copying a large file, small, or a directory of multiple files.

Hopefully I’m reading this all correctly (!) however that still leaves the reboot mystery …

Do you get the same thing if you try to write to it from a borrowed Windows machine?

The way round not being able to run something like disk utility would be the painful, copy your data off, do a full factory reset/reformat from dashboard, set your shares back up & put the data back.

Support may have some ideas, like getting into the unit via SSH & running fsck with appropriate options, I think that might involve a ticket & them sending custom firmware though?

I’ve no hands on experience with the NAS units, only DAS & only Windows, so I couldn’t begin to tell you how to do the latter, maybe someone else on here knows?.

An update as I’ve have had some time to examine more and discover two things:

First, it turns out that I had several old Drobo Apps installed from WAY back: These have been uninstalled.

Secondly, my OSX Spotlight ‘Privacy’ setting sporadically resets to not ‘ignore’ my mounted volume (and begins scanning it).

Once both of these items were resolved, my latest “first” copies (any size or number) have been successful, however there is a noticeable delay on that “first” copy.

Will keep my fingers crossed. Thank you Cyber-Beardy - will try a Windows machine when opportunity allows.