5N .... how to power down

Hi Guys … hope you can help.

I have a Gen 1 Drobo running firewire 800 and it is still going strong and powers down when my mac does. It is pretrty quick although it does take a nap now and then which is a little annoying.

I have recently bought a 5N … which I am disappointed with i have to say … very slow in comparison (connected direct by ethernet) and so far it has eaten 2 drives dead … although … take them out and format them they are OK to use as standalones?

However i digress … how should the 5N be powered down?
At present i do this via dashboard (but sometimes dashboard wont see the 5N)
Can I power down by the power switch … after my mac has closed down?
… or should i leave it on 24/7

Any help appreciated guys (and gals)
Cheers Dave

Very slow in comparison to what… Gen 1? Are you sure your network adapter negotiates Gigabit speeds successfully? Might not be the case with direct Ethernet connection. What kind of patch cord do you use (straight, cross-over)? Have you tried with proper Gigabit Ethernet switch in between?

Just guessing, but could it be that your wifi speed is the problem instead of ethernet? Also, I had a Gen2 and the Firewire 800 was new to it, if memory serves.