5N: Hang on boot, power green, bays yellow, 5th blue light on

A few days ago my 5N powered itself down. I blew out a little dust, scratched my head and powered it back up. It seemed ok but later that day it had powered off again

Attempting to bring it up now hangs on boot. I have removed the drives and the behavior is the same. I have unplugged and left powered off overnight and the behavior is the same.

The power LED is constant green, the bay lights are constant yellow (even with the drives inserted) and as the device boots, it flashes the blue lights in sequence and then attempts to “load” the blue lights from left to right. It gets as far as the 5th blue light from the left (essentially the middle-ish blue light) and stops. That 5th blue light stays constantly lit and the system goes no further.

Another interesting symptom is that the power button will not halt the system, even if held down for 45 seconds or so.

I’ve got my disk pack tucked safely away waiting for me to figure this out. I was originally just going to replace it but that’s a tall order right now, obviously.

any thoughts on identifying the failure are greatly appreciated…
Have a great day!

?? Your power-brick may be on the fritz.

I almost said the same thing… it seems like most “odd” startup problems either resolve to a weak power supply… or a disk in the pack drawing excessive current.

Just occasionally they resolve to file-system issues, but that’s rarer, and doesn’t manifest with the disk pack removed.

interesting replies, thank you.
so the consensus is that I should just grab another power-supply such as this? Because 50 is a lot less than what I was suspecting I was coming out of this with.

Again, your input is seriously appreciated.

Something along those lines would be my first test, that said I’d probably try with something along the lines of a lab bench power supply, but that’s only because the fact I happen to have access to one which will supply the spec required…

so… not being your lucky self, I have no access to a lab PS. 50 is a small price to pay, the advice here may have saved me hundreds. If Im wrong (and assuming the world comes back at some point) then I’ll just upgrade to the 5N2 as intended.

I’ll post results in case anyone else has similar concerns…
tnx again


New power-supply. Same problem. Looks like Im buying a 5N2 after all. Well, as soon as someone starts selling them again…

Anyway, i appreciate the effort.