5N Drobo Healthy cannot connect shares

Hello I hope I can get help here. I have the following:
Firmware 3.5.7 [8.85.80024]
Drobo Dashboard 2.7.1[78171]

I can connect just fine.
Status Page Health Good, Active interface Ethernet

Capacity page 10.84TB Total 6.22TB Used

Shares Page Shows Shares I created none Checked! [color=#FF0000]when checking one and choosing drive I get error mounting share
Drobo Apps Disabled

Tools Shows drobo is healthy and has sufficient capacity no action required at this time…

hi brian, can i check what happens if you try using dashboard to safesly shutdown the drobo, and then to shut down the mac and to unplug the network cable from drobo.

and once all shutdown, to just power up the drobo first.
once it goes through the blue led boot up sequence, does it go back into standby mode?
if so, can you then power up the computer, and once the computer is up and running, to then plug the network cable back into drobo.

(does the drobo wake up, and shortly after become found by dashboard - can you mount again as usual?)

by the way, are there any other methods that you have used to access your data in the past, such as at the protocol level in finder or windows explorer?