5N drive bay light gone out

Hi Guys hope you can help.

I have a new 5N that has been working fine (although Drobo Dashboard sees it “as and when” it feels like) … but this morning when I powered up the 5N all 5 drive bays started flashing green/yellow. 4 hours down the line 4 are still flashing and one has no light at all ?

Anyone any ideas ?

I thought if it was a drive error it would flash red ??

Any help appreciated guys

Cheers Dave

hi it sounds like its rebuilding/protecting itself.

if your dashboard is currently able to see the drobo, it might explain a bit more about what it is doing at the moment.

(sometimes you need to manually specify the ip of your drobo instead of allowing it to automatically detect it, but if its flashing lights at the moment, then maybe wait to let it finish.)

in the meantime if you have any more info about your drobo, that will be handy: eg:

  • how large is each drive
  • how much data / free space is on it
    this will hopefully give us a better indication on how long it will take to finish… eg could be several hours or 1-2 days :slight_smile:

a Flashing red light is a failed drive but flashing yellow and green means its using the drives for something really important…

(without hijacking your thread too much, i’ll post my own about a 5 minute rebuild/yellow green flash on my drobo-s separately… but that only happened when i tried to delete a huge backup file and then all was ok again)

Thanks Paul … Yeah I guessed it was rebuilding … My main concern is when it started this morning … All 5 drive bays were flashing … Now only four are ?? And the one that has “extinguished” itself didn’t go red first ???
I can’t give any real info on drives as dashboard doesn’t see the drive ( again) … It always sees my FW version one Drobo but the 5N which is connected direct is very hit and miss :frowning: