5N constantly active without clients accessing

my Drobo 5N often has constant noticeable drive activity when no network device is accessing it. Can I somehow find out what process is accessing what files via SSH to track down the reason?

Tangential answer: I had a similar situation with a Drobo 5N2 and after a few weeks, the Drobo crashed and couldn’t be resuscitated, despite helpful email troubleshooting from Drobo support. I felt like the fire station (Drobo backups) had burnt down. All my original files were fine, but I no longer had a backup. The obvious lesson is everything should be available in two other places. In my case either portable Hardrives or Amazon S3.

Mine does this all the time at crazy o’clock in the morning…

Odds are it is a maintenance job the Drobo does either daily, weekly or monthly
like defragmenting files and RAID tasks. If you have other apps like Plex installed,
it’ll to it’s maintenance periodically as well.

If you want to view the Drobo process in real-time you could check out ‘htop’ in the
DroboApps section. You’ll probably also have to install ‘Dropbear’ and know how to
log into the Drobo through ‘ssh’ on the command line to execute htop.