5N completely dead

I have a network-connected drobo 5N (populated with 5x 4TB and dual redundancy formatting) used as backup for all my family computers as well as archiving images, music etc. I have used it for 6 years with no problems. All the power arrangements are the original drobo products
Yesterday it was working fine. Today, the thing is completely dead. No power. No power lights on the box, either on the front or back.
I did not change anything. It is in a well-ventilated cupboard and no-one went in there. There were no power surges in the house. I’m pretty sure there were no over-heating issues.
The power brick has a constant green light. The jack going into the drobo registers at 12V.
I have tried all the obvious: unplugging, waiting 10 mins and re-plugging etc. Absolutely no joy.
The drobo box does not respond in any way.
I need the data on the drives.
I cannot seem to buy a new drobo box anywhere (I am based in London), and the internet tells me I have to get one with the same firmware so that the old disks can migrate to the new box.

What should I do?

Try a substitute power brick (known good), a green light & 12v at the output don’t tell you what’s happening under load.

Yes, that was my first thought.
I tried removing all the drives and then connecting power. Still no lights anywhere on the box.

But you’re right. A new power brick is likely to be the easiest and cheapest option.

None of my power supplies will do 12V/8.5A.

Any suggestions for sourcing one? Drobo’s officialEU store is ‘out of stock’ of everything.

You could trawl google shopping, or Amazon (UK) have a copy…

In an emergency I temporarily used a generic lab type bench supply & just dialled in the parameters, though finding one of those with a high enough rating at a sane price might not be particularly easy, most of the reasonably priced ones seem rated only to 5A, I happened to have such a thing on hand.

If looking for a complete reference for a potential new Drobo, the official guide is really useful for picking candidates, looks like loading the pack from a 5N into a 5N2 would be supported, but it also looks like a one way trip, moving back would be new drives and a long copy process.

Many thanks.
I played with it a bit more.Took the drives completely out; took out the mini-SSD; vacuumed the dust tried new power cords; plugged it directly into the wall. Nothing.

I’ve ordered the power brick mentioned above.Thank you for the link.

Will let you know after it arrives next week.

If that does not work, It’s going to have to be a 5N2. Always handy to have a spare power brick, or two, I guess.

OK, no joy.
New power supply arrived,but still no lights.
I took the drobo apart an put it back together, could not see anything wrong.

Removed and re-attached all the internal plugs. No signs of overheating orother damage.

There is a small backup battery inside the unit. I wondered if that has failed (no visible signs of faulure), and that prevents the unit from switching on.

Still, it’s odd that even the LED on the power button is not lighting.

Anyone kbow where I can get a 5N2 in the UK?

Hello. Did you ever find a solution to your Drobo not booting up? I’m in a similar boat but with my Drobo 5N2. It powers on for about 20 seconds and shuts down. I tried another power brick and that didn’t work. Trying to look for another 5N2 but no one is selling one. Thanks.

Sorry, but no.
Drobo dead. No way to recover the data.
I tried to source a new device, but absolutely no joy anywhere in the UK.

I used to be cross. but now just resigned to having lost all my archived data and having a very expensive paperweight.

Aww man. That’s a big bummer. I’m sorry to hear that.
I did a Google search for “Drobo NAS recovery” and saw there was a software called UFS Explorer and another one Reclaime software out there but it’s pretty expensive. I can’t find anybody though who had actual experience using it though. You also have to hook up each hard drive to the motherboard of the computer you are using to recovery the data.
I wish someone from Drobo would answer us, cause this is obviously a problem. Even if our Drobo’s are Out of Support, I wouldn’t mind paying them to fix my Drobo 5N2 if that was an option. I saw somewhere that new Drobo devices might be available in August, so maybe … but who knows.

I did a firmware update, like normal, on my 5N now the fan runs and zero lights anywhere.
I have had a ticket in for a while.
I have been trying to use UFS recovery with no luck seeing anything but the logs folder.

5 2TB drives dual redun.
Software see the raid as 64TB, ummm no.

I did the firmware update on a 5N and it died. I started a ticket online and they replied once but suggestions didnt help. Now they dont reply and the support number I have is out of service 866-426-4280 and another one is a busy signal 402-361-5530 I think the bastards went under.