5N Boot loop with drives installed

5N went into a boot loop after the activity light went solid green and I was unable to access data. Eventually got it up for a bit and dashboard showed different drives as having errors after it started rebooting. I just got done running SeaTools long generic test and all passed. These are 8TB drives so it took a lot of time. I also ran diagnostics with no drives which I sent to support. Anyone have ideas, or know how to read the diagnostic files? It doesn’t really sound like a drive problem to me. I have no way to test power supply. The 5N has been rock solid up to this point, and I have a lot of data that is irreplaceable. Hope during it’s rebuild attempt it didn’t corrupt all my data.
I did find a program called UFS raid explorer that says it will work, although I’d have to buy a 5 port SATA host adapter and mount the RAID on my desktop.