5N apps on FS (b800fs)

Hello All,

Just purchased a new b800fs and found out it cant install apps though the dashboard, only manual installs.

I really want to get sabnzb/sickbeard/headphones/couchpotato/transmission installed but so far have only been able to come across versions for the 5N versions of drobo. Will the 5N apps work on the b800fs?

Im a decent linux user, and am comfortable on the CLI, i just wanted to know before i go dropping apps in the DroboApps share, that its not going to brick my device or some other randomness.

Is there anything special you have to do to get those apps working on the b800fs? Will any 5N app work on b800fs without any modification?

Thanks for the help.


I got SSH going and am able to ssh into the drobo as root, I put all the tgz files in the drobo apps folder and rebooted, they all seem to be installed but none will actually run. Have installed all the prereq stuff, perl python etc.

Has anyone done this on a b800fs or am I wasting my time?


Wow guys… Impressive forum…

You need to use the DroboFS version of the apps. Also the 800fs has very little room to run a lot of apps, the NZB stuff can take a lot of resources depending on collection size.