5N: "An Internal Error Has Been Detected"

Hello, my 5N has been running for years. Recently I get the error message above and nothing can connect to it. Dashboard loses sight of it and all mapped drives are disconnected. The lights are still on and running and I can ping it on my local LAN. Reboot and all comes up. Tried to look at the logs but nothing came out at me. Can’t find that error in the KBase.


Here you go:

Thank you for the response. The instructions may be for another model. The Dashboard for the 5N does not have “repair” as an option under tools.

What happens when you try to mount the Shares?
Do you currently have access to the data on Drobo?
Are the bay lights all Green?

The unit stays up. It disconnects completely from any mapped device and will not show in the Dashboard. If I reboot then it comes back up fine. The event viewer states that it had an “internal error”. What i did was completely disconnect my Mac from it; deleted dashboard, unmapped shares, stopped Retrospect backup. Ran it connected to my Windows box for several days. It was fine. I then put back into my router, reconnected the Mac shares. It has run fine for another two days. Tomorrow I’ll reinstall the dashboard on my Mac, etc. and see what breaks it again. I wish there was documentation on what “internal error” means or how to find it in the logs.


Send the diagnostic file to followup@drobo.com and we can take a quick look.

what is the cause of the “internal error?” I too am plagued with these symptoms . It also goes back to 9/7/2006 like is has lost its timekeeping ability. when it boots back up, an event called "a file system (EXT4) found on volume 0. should I replace to drive in volume 0?