5DT in 5D box

I’ve just received a 5DT - but on the badge on the unit, it says Product 5D and model number says DRDR5-A. The model number on the outside of the packaging says DRDR5A61-T. Both the vendor and Drobo Support insist it’s a 5DT based on the serial number - but didn’t explain how it happened. Has anyone else experienced this? If the unit went in for repairs - how would they know which model it truly is?


hi if the vendor, and especially the support team can verify that based on the units serial number, then they probably do know :slight_smile:

also what does dashboard show you? if that also recognises that it is a 5dt then i think all is well :slight_smile:

Thanks for replying Paul

I hadn’t opened it yet as I was waiting on clarity whether I had the right one or not, so I’m not sure what the dashboard says. Based on your response and the support engineer I’ll fire it up tonight and respond.


I had the same thing and on my dashboard it says 5D. I thought this weird as well.

hi lucasanti, it might be worth getting in touch support to verify you received what was expected?

I’ve the same thing here but also the mSATA drive was not in the slot. Stickers on it say 5D too, the supporting papers and box say 5Dt. I bought from Amaxon.com and had it shipped to Japan - Too say I’m unhappy is an understatement. I’ve sent an email and awaiting reply as I can’t get the USA support number to work on Skype (unless someone could help point me in the right direction?). I really feel that I’ve bought a 5D for 5Dt price :frowning: To cap it off, it’s only after I inserted my old storage drive (So I can’t really send back as I need the data now) that I noticed that Hot Data Cache was always off, and then opened up the bottom to find nothing inside. I’m fuming.

We do apologize for the confusion. The 5Dt comes with Thunderbolt 2, USB 3 and 3 free years of DroboCare. There should have been a fold out in your box with a DroboCare code. Would you email followup@drobo.com with the serial number of your unit so we may confirm.

Thank You.

Thank you, it was confirmed to be a 5Dt but with missing mSATA card. :frowning:

Similar situation here. Received it today and it is running with no drives except MSATA. Drobo Dashboard shows the two devices I have. One 5D and one 5Dt (supposedly). Dashboard->All Drobos shows two Drobo 5D. Registered the new one and coverage says support for one year rather than three.
Assuming someone is able to help get that sorted, the next question is best practice to enable 64TB support in them. The oldest unit was formatted before 64TB support was available and I read that I need the drives all empty to re-format them to 64TB. Currently it has five 4TB drive and is just above preferred max (86%) so have one orange and four green lights.
I was going to just pull the complete disk pack, insert into the 5Dt but would that give me 64TB capacity or do I have to buy enough 10TB drives to fit all data from unit 1 onto unit 2.

hi shled, you may have seen this page already:

as far as i know, the best way to get 64TB capacity in your case would be to populate your new 5Dt, with its own set of new diskpack drives, and to update to the latest firmware, (including a couple of reboots) and then to copy your data across. (this way you would also still have an untouched backup copy on the original 5D, along with as much full performance of the newly created diskpack as it would give you. (for example, in a 5n to a 5n2 migration process, they can see up to about a 25% performance hit if not a freshly created diskpack)

in case you do proceed in this way of setting up a new diskpack, then you will probably ideally need at least the same drive sizes as you have currently (though going a bit larger before you copy any data onto it, if possible, would save on rebuilds if you then also upgraded a drive to a larger size.)