5D3 with iMac 27 + Catalina

Recently upgraded one of the HD’s to an 8TB and data transfer was going well and then went to Data Protection. After all this 5D3 wasn’t showing on the Dashboard and kept re-booting and all Yellow Lights keep showing. I’ve emailed support, opened a ticket and they gave me the basic troubleshooting (Read Only) service but after all this 5D3 is still not showing and I keep emailing support and haven’t received information from them in more than 3 days (excluding weekend). I’m a full-time photographer and my business is currently not working because of it. I just need help! Is there any phone number or direct contact to talk to someone? Is very frustrating… I own a 5D, a 5N2 & 5D3 and I’ve never had this issue before.

I think email support is all you get unless you have their extended care plan.