5D3 Thunderbolt on windows?

will the 5d3 work with a windows thunderbolt implementation?
I am looking at purchasing a 5D3 DAS along with a new PC I will be building up. the PC will be windows 10 and have a Gigabyte motherboard that has thunderbolt 3 connectors.
I am seeing conflicting data. Knowledge base here at Drobo says only works with Apple MACs, but also saw a press release from Drobo exec that stated 5d3 now supports thunderbolt on PCs. so which is it?



Sir, you’re not the only one trying to come up with a response when the Drobo 5D3 DAS will support Thunderbolt on the Windows platform. But it’s worse than that. A year and half ago when I decided to buy the DAS I was wondering about the possibilities of the Drobo 5D3 (then the new model) I contacted Drobo support with a specific question: Does the Drobo 5D3 support Thunderbolt 3 on Windows platforms? From Drobo Support I got the answer “YES”! They even recommended me to buy a Thunderbolt card for my motherboard. When I bought the Drobo 5D3 I learned the bitter truth that there is no support for Thunderbolt 3on the Win platform! I contacted several times support and they then claimed that windows drivers are still developing and will be out in a few months. This deadline has been constantly shifted, and lately no one mentions Thunderbolt 3 Windows 10 support. They think we’ve forgotten that!
Drobo, should come out with a statement that they lied to their customers about Thunderbolt 3 on Windows platforms and to publicly apologize to everyone!