5D3 Thunderbolt on windows?

will the 5d3 work with a windows thunderbolt implementation?
I am looking at purchasing a 5D3 DAS along with a new PC I will be building up. the PC will be windows 10 and have a Gigabyte motherboard that has thunderbolt 3 connectors.
I am seeing conflicting data. Knowledge base here at Drobo says only works with Apple MACs, but also saw a press release from Drobo exec that stated 5d3 now supports thunderbolt on PCs. so which is it?



Sir, you’re not the only one trying to come up with a response when the Drobo 5D3 DAS will support Thunderbolt on the Windows platform. But it’s worse than that. A year and half ago when I decided to buy the DAS I was wondering about the possibilities of the Drobo 5D3 (then the new model) I contacted Drobo support with a specific question: Does the Drobo 5D3 support Thunderbolt 3 on Windows platforms? From Drobo Support I got the answer “YES”! They even recommended me to buy a Thunderbolt card for my motherboard. When I bought the Drobo 5D3 I learned the bitter truth that there is no support for Thunderbolt 3on the Win platform! I contacted several times support and they then claimed that windows drivers are still developing and will be out in a few months. This deadline has been constantly shifted, and lately no one mentions Thunderbolt 3 Windows 10 support. They think we’ve forgotten that!
Drobo, should come out with a statement that they lied to their customers about Thunderbolt 3 on Windows platforms and to publicly apologize to everyone!


Sadly there is no TB support in Windows.

I imagine like myself you checked the website and it did not say there ISN’T TB support in Windows so bought the unit only to find it doesn’t work.
Recently they have made a minor tweak to the website which still makes it ambiguous (extended 5K monitor support via thunerbolt Mac only - or something like that).
They have also claimed to be working on Thunderbolt support in Windows but do not reply to people anymore about it.
Bad support all round I’m afraid…

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