5D3 - Boots then goes to solid amber power light

Suddenly came home to my 5D3 sitting on solid amber power light. I can power it down and reboot, and each time it will go through normal boot process, gradually climbing through the blue LED’s. When it gets to the final stage, slowly increasing the capacity LED’s, it gets the first one lit, then goes to second one, then immediately stops and goes to solid amber power light. Over and over.

I’ve removed and reinstalled disk pack, and I’ve tried to boot without any drives (without any drives, it goes to a solid RED in bay one and Drobo Dashboard won’t recognize it). I thought you were supposed to be able to boot with no drives so DD could see the unit and perform diagnostics, etc? But this doesn’t seem to work.

Any ideas on the above? Hopefully a hardware issue and the drives aren’t bad? When booting, all 5 drives have solid free lights, it goes through all blue LED sequences during boot, but hangs and stops at the very end, and DD will not recognize the unit. Was working fine up until yesterday. :frowning:

I shutdown two drobo 5D units to move my iMac to a new office. One of them shows up in DD, but goes through the same boot sequence you describe, although goes through almost all blue lights before amber. Perplexed for sure. Only thing I can think of is that my cable went bad so will swap. Afraid to shutdown the unit that is working…