5D Yellow standby power light only

My 5D was working fine when the connection to the computer was lost (plugged accidentally pulled out). I plugged it back in and did a restart on the computer and the 5D. I get the 5D light starting up as before but then it goes to the yellow standby light only and it doesn’t mount to the computer.
Any suggestions??
Many thanks,


hi beth,
would you be able to try the following when you get a moment…

  • to power all off (with the computer first, and then the drobo)
  • to remove the connection cable from the drobo, and as well as from the computer,
  • to also remove the power cable from the drobo.
  • to wait 10 minutes (i know i said a ‘moment’ earlier) :slight_smile:
  • to then plug the power cable back into the drobo, and to power up your drobo
    (does it boot up with the blue lights at the bottom, ideally lighting up from the 1st light through to the 10th light, and then does it go back into standby mode after a few minutes?)

(in case your drobo seems to need longer while it reaches the 10th light, the please try to give it more time here)

assuming once it does reach the 10th light, and goes into standby mode:

  • can you then power up the computer,
  • and once that is running, to launch dashboard,
  • to then connect the usb cable into the computer, and then to connect the other end into the drobo
    (does the drobo wake up shortly after, and then start to become recognised in dashboard, and by the computer too?)

if nothing happens, then would you be able to try a different cable and port, such as usb cable (which you know works) and into a different port as a test?

btw are you on windows or mac?

Hi Paul,

I tried powering everything down and then on again in several configurations.
I switched cables and ports. I finally brought it to a repair facility late this afternoon. They will look at it and decide if it’s a simple fix (hopefully) or if they have to send it to Drobo. It’s only about 3 years old so it should have more life left in it. Everything started up normally including the green and blue light. It just wouldn’t mount on the computer and I know the software was up to date. I’ll post what the issue was when I find out.
Many thanks for helping me out!!
I appreciate it.
Best, Beth[hr]
Hi Paul,
I’m on a Mac.

hi beth, ok thank you for the information and update so far.

am not sure if you gave it to them with the disks inside or not, and they probably are already aware, though if you see this please do check with them just to make sure that they know that your diskpack drives should only be removed or inserted in their entirety and only while the drobo is powered off and unplugged.

(am not trying to worry you, though its always best to double check)[hr]
if it does turn out that your base unit hardware had a problem, and that you need another drobo unit, then there should be a way to gain access to your diskpack drives data again via a migration process to another replacement model, for example as mentioned here:

(when one of my drobos had a problem powering on, i was able to follow that process with a similar model and successfully gained access to the data again)