5d Wont connect via Thunderbolt

My dashboard cant find my 5D when connected via Thunderbolt. The drives starts up and then stops again, starts and stops. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X4FGBD-EroM
When connected via usb, no probs?

Best regards Jan

Are you using this on a Windows PC or a Mac?

It is on a Mac Pro 2013

Don’t know about the Macs, sorry.

hi jan, if it wasnt for usb working, i was going to suggest checking the power supply and psu brick, and also mention that it looks a bit like a reboot loop… but then you mentioned it works ok with usb :slight_smile:

can i check if your usb cable was a direct connection, and if the thunderbolt was direct too (or does it go through a hub or adapter first?)

trying just 1 connection method at a time (but directly attached without any extras) is usually the best thing to try, but it might also be worth trying out another thunderbolt cable, or port too, as well as checking if you have any particular settings on thunderbolt or firewall settings or even some firewire power settings if applicable, just in case?

(usb is your friend - well, unless its “badusb”)[hr]
(just also linking a related post on mini)