5D wants to create a new volume

I had (4) 4TB drives and (1) 6TB drive in my Drobo 5D. This morning one of the 4TB drives went bad indicated by a blinking red light. I removed the drive and inserted a brand new 6TB drive. The same make and model of the 6TB drive already in the Drobo. Drobo Dashboard is notifying me that it wants to create an entirely new volume with this drive and have a totally new name. I do not want to create a new volume, I just want the Drobo to function as it previously did. How should I proceed?

here’s what DROBO wants to do - it apparently detected the extra space it will have with the 6TB HDD (above what it ‘saw’ with the former 4TB HDD). The way DROBO set up its OS is that once a certain HDD space capacity is reached, it wants to force you to create a second volume within the same DROBO box. It won’t destroy anything, it just creates another volume that the end user might name something like DROBO2. Then you’ll have both DROBO and DROBO2 on your Mac’s desktop, each actually being within the same DROBO box. It is what it is. Previous versions of the DROBO OS would create a single volume up to 64TB in size; practically unmanageable. For better or worse, it’s DROBO, what more needs to be said?