5D to a 5N or equivalent

I have a Drobo 5D that is serving me well but my home network is changing and I’ll no longer have a desktop to keep it plugged into.
What I’d like to do is make my 5D equivalent to a 5N.
Does anyone know of a good usb3 or thunderbolt to eithernet NAS box that can handle the 5d?
Thanks in advance.

You might see it as an overkill but I’m extremely happy with my Intel NUC doing all the home server duties with my Drobo S v2 connected to it. It’s a full-blown PC in compact and energy-efficient form factor. Of course, with it being a normal PC under the hood, it’s a bit more demanding in regards to configuration and maintenance than some more simple solutions might be.

Hi, thanks for the reply.
That is an interesting option as I could use it on my tv and continue useing some of my software/services like backups off site that I didn’t think would be good over the wifi.
I’m guessing that an i5 version will be fine for windows to run on it.
It looks like there are versions for a hdd and versions without, how do you install an is without a hdd?

i5 one is more than adequate for running Windows. I use it for all my background/server tasks and host a virtual Linux machine running Plex server using Hyper-V. In fact, it’s more powerful than the ultrabook I use daily for everything else. All these NUC models have mSATA port for installing an SSD as a system storage. Additional 2.5" SATA bay of the “WYKH” models is an addition to that.

Ok, cool.
So I’d be looking for an i5 version with at least 1 usb3, 2 usb2, possibly Bluetooth but I could pipe that through a USB port, msata and a drive, fanless model.
Any suggestions on brands or kits?
What would be your pick of the models?

I’ve got “official” D54250WYKH. It has a fan but it’s really quiet at idle in my opinion.