5D to 5C drive Transfer

My 5D seems to have died. I get a solid green power light and the solid red light on in bay one.

I’ve followed several tutorials on here, like a hard reset with drives removed, updated the firmware, torn apart the unit, and air-cleaned it. Nothing has worked, and I still get the red light of death.

I have found some other drives online that are up for sale and one of them being a 5C. My question is, if I buy a 5C can I take my drives and insert them into the unit and recover my data? Or should I try and find a 5D.

At this point, I’m looking to jump ship from Drobo because I need a solid backup for my data and they seem to be falling apart right now.

As a sidenote, is there a software solution to try and save my data if I can’t get a working NAS box?

Did you try the a power block change?
I don’t know if you can put drives into a 5c, but I would doubt it.
If you are going to buy a unit why not buy a used 5D3?
Because the uncertainty of Mac support I recently changed from Drobo 5D3 TO Thunderbay 8.

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Hello there!

Drobo 5D to 5C is not an approved migration path:

You can move from 5C to 5D, 5D3, or 8D.

I don’t know how if a 5C would accept drives from a 5D.

As @FSD mentioned, you might want to try a new power brick for your existing unit as these often fail and give unpredictable symptoms such as the ones you’re describing. It’s a cheaper way to get your data out of Drobo without changing units (and some retailers will let you refund the PSU if it doesn’t work out for you).

As for software solutions, I’ve not used them, but UFS Explorer has been mentioned on this forum a number of times:

Good luck!



I recently had to change the power supply unit back in September after the OEM died. It worked as intended for months. ( I’ve provided a link to the one I purchased)

Maybe I’ll look for another unit to see if that helps.

To be continued…

[UL Listed] KFD 150W 12V AC Adapter for Drobo DroboFS, S, 5D, 5Dt, 5N, 5N2, 5C 5D3 5-Bay 4 Bay Storage Array Network Storage

Well, guys. I decided my data was too valuable to take a risk on, so I bought a 5D second-hand off of Facebook Marketplace.

As dom1 posted, the migration setup was easy. I simply upgraded the firmware on the second unit to the same version and then swapped the drives in the same order as the original unit. The unit started right up, and I have access to all my data as before.

Man, I really like Drobo for their simplicity but the fact that their customer support is non-existent and they have declared bankruptcy scares me. I think I may be looking for a cloud storage solution as losing my data is too important to me.

If I end up going that route, I may end up selling my 5Ds to someone who’s in a similar situation. Hopefully, this thread helps someone else out in the future.